Make CPA APKs without coding.

Ever wanted to make an APK for use with OGAds lockers, but don't have the time or coding experience? We've got your back.

* Works on Android 4.2 to 10.0+
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What sets OGAPK apart?

OGAPK is the only APK Builder created with CPA marketing in mind. Our goal is to make it as fast and easy as possible to make APKs from scratch, with no coding experience required.

OGAPK is the only APK Builder created with CPA marketing in mind.

Realistic APKs

Our APKs look and behave just like games. You can show game trailers and it will look just like the startup screen.


We offer many customization options and templates so that you can get your APKs exactly how you want them to be.

Easy to Use

Don't have time to code an APK? OGAPK takes all of the guess work out of it, allowing you to make an APK in under 2 minutes.

Skype Support

Nobody likes waiting for a ticket to be answered. Get support right away on Skype: silphcorp


With our advanced APK protection, no one can steal your APK and insert their link into it.

Great for YouTube

Seeing the APK being installed instead of a landing page is good proof for your potential leads.

Our APK Templates To Choose From:

  • Video APK: Useful for making fake game APKs and other types of apps that require a video.

  • Website APK: Load your website as if it is a native Android app, with all the benefits that entails.

  • Generator APK: Generator-style APK for game hacks. (COMING SOON)

  • Profile Maker: Make icons for iOS users that sends them to your locker.

Our APKs have features that are effortless to configure.

We aren't your standard app building service. Our system was made with the goal of having the essential features a CPA marketer needs, without complicating things with too many options to choose from. We only included features that provide you with real value.

  • Profile for iOS traffic
  • Autodetect if device is iOS or Android
  • Open locker links in Chrome (if installed)
  • Popup before it takes them to the locker (example)
  • Protection against ripping
  • Toggle Fullscreen mode on/off
  • More functionality added all the time!

How does OGAPK work?

We have made our process of turning ideas into leads as simple as can be.

You Create the APK

Get started with one of our templates, and configure the options as you choose, then wait for it to be built by our server.

Users Download the APK

Upload the APK to your hosting and start promoting. Users will download and install it, and then they will be taken to your locker.

Watch the Money Roll In!

Your job here is done! Kick back and relax as you watch your earnings increase. Or better yet, get started on another APK!

Pricing Plans

Unleash the Power of OGAPK

Here are our top plans which provide the best bang for your buck.



  • 50 APKs per month
  • $0.50 per APK



  • Unlimited APKs
  • Access to new features first

Need Something Smaller?

If none of the plans above suit your needs, here are some smaller ones:



Test out OGAPK with no commitments
(Bulk discounts available)

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4 APKs per month
$1.25 per APK

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10 APKs per month
$1 per APK

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Got any burning questions? We might have answered them here.

Using OGAPK is very simple. It won't take long at all to get the hang of it. Our simple web-based interface will have you up and running in just a few minutes. Check out our walkthrough video here.

No, we don't. If you want to test our service, try out buying a single APK and seeing how you like it. It's less than a cup of coffee to do so.

Yes, we offer a 15% discount for crypto payments. Contact us on Discord (Silph#9600) if you are interested.

Our APKs don't rely on our servers being up. Everything needed to run the APK is inside, so if our servers go offline then your APK will still work as normal.

Our APKs are perpetual, meaning that if your subscription expires or you cancel it, your APKs will all work as normal.

No, 100% of your traffic will go to your locker link. We will never take any percentage of your traffic on any of our plans.

No, due to the nature of this platform we cannot offer a money back guarantee since it is a digital service.

Currently, only PayPal and cryptocurrencies. We might add Stripe in the future for card payments but this is yet to be established.

We're sorry to see you go. Contact us on Discord (Silph#9600) and we can help you out. Note that closing your account will not cause your APKs to stop working.

No, we don't offer custom features as it would take too much time to do them individually. However, you can suggest features that you would like to see and we will consider adding them to OGAPK.

Normally, we do not offer refunds. However, contact our support and explain the situation and we can possibly work something out. Note that filing a chargeback will lead to your account being banned and all of your APKs will be disabled.

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